First Time I am posting RMR (Racing Method Rating)
1st Race:    Blue Origen (602) / Powerfuldreams (453) /

                              Take My Word (360)
Blue Origen for win and Powerfuldreams for place
2nd Race:   Spook (620) / Lake Paradise (454) /

                               Thought N Actions (454) / Saganaki (192)
Its a tough fight race Enchanted Forest for place bet
3rd Race:    Nector Crown (881) / Trillion Win (378) /

                                Black Beauty (285)
Nector Crowm should win
4th Race:     Royal Music (302) / Hot Stuf (291) /

                                Man United (250) / Turf Fame (2)
Bad Race Truf Fame for place may be upset
5th Race:    Allez Vite (829) / Rip Van Winkle (829) /

                                Enduring Star (759)
Close rated its a open race
6th Race:     Rare And Presious (1384) / Sky Train (1080)

                                Missoni (752)
Rare And Presious win if money in ring otherwise
                                Sky Train have a good chance to win
7th Race:     Florida (1160) / Duchess Of York (515)
Florida a high rated horse can win,
                                 Duchess Of York  go close to the winner good bet for place
8th Race:     Anna (972) / Scarlette (622) /

                                 Black Among Friends ( 542)
Close finish accepted
9th Race:      Mountain Spelndor ( 881) / Right On Time (453) /

                                  Panamera (435)
Mountain Spelndor should win,  Star Spirit for place
1st Race:            High Treason / Visual Element / Damgood
2nd Race:          Refuse To Bend can win, Panchakshri for place
3rd Race:           Maratha Conqueror / Good Companion / 

                                        Greek Ship / Passage Of Time, anybody race
4th Race:           Noble Sacrifice / A run To Remember /
                               Bee For You have a good chance each-way 20:80
5th Race:           Open Race
6th Race:           Nice Guy v/s Sugar Gold, Nice Guy place Certain
7th Race:           Bold Police v/s Muskaan
1st Race:           Simply Best should win, Lad Star for place
2nd Race:         Field Marshal v/s Hill Doro,

                                        Cafe Del Monte for place
3rd Race:          Special Fx v/s Moutain Storm, Caraway for place
4th Race:          The Last Fling / Anagad / Chevy
5th Race:          Open Race every on try to win
6th Race:          Attila / Immence / Siachen
7th Race:          Black Magic Women can win,

                                        Southern Bay for place
8th Race:          Bad Race
9th Race:          Sky Rider may win place certain,

                                       Chul Bul Pandy involve in finish
1st Race:            Windsor Knight can win, Mountain View place    
2nd Race:          Biutiful may win again, Bonanza have a each-way

3rd Race:           Emerald / Akaliki / Sun Doro
4th Race:           SORRENTO should win in lower odds,

                                        Right On Time for place
5th Race:           Bad Race
6th Race:           XIXCA distance is sharp should win,

                                         Ordained One for place
7th Race:           Open Race Valahak may be win
8th Race:           Missoni v/s Juno
                               Note:        Today mix day, tow race may be upset
1st Race:            Radical Attraction each-way
2nd Race:          ACE BLOOD should Win
3rd Race:          
No Doubt may win Flying Snow each-way
4th Race:           Good Gift a good skill rider N Rajesh Can Win
5th Race:           Cherelle well in handicap each-way

                                         watch Sunset Grill for upset
6th Race:           Backet current form ??
                                         Spearhead have a good chance to score
7th Race:           Open Race
8th Race:           Tender Romance / Anna / Never Say Good Bye
                                         Sunstrom a close call
9th Race:           Indian Royalty each-way,
Sun Gold for surprise
1st Race:       Dream Of Gold can Win
2nd Race:     Bocconcino each-way
3rd Race:      Khwaish v/s All For Cash
4th Race:      Awesome Fighter for place
5th Race:      Teleprompter each-way
6th Race:      Open Race
7th Race:      Secret Pilgrim v/s Ohiyesa
8th Race:      Stain Slipper for place
9th Race:      Amira for place Spark Of Galaxy may win
1st Race:          HABANERO should Win
                                      Neel Gagan may Place in longer odds
2nd Race:        Celebrity each-way
3rd Race:         Surprise  Race
4th Race:         Open Race
5th Race:         Amadeus a good timer from Mumbai

                                       Speed Six go close to winner
6th Race:         Black Magic Woman running in very low odds

                                      close finish accepted in this race
7th Race:         Sunday Cruz can win if money on floor

                                      Hawa for Place
8th Race:         CHEMIN DE FER should Win

                                      Romantique from a untrusted Trainer ??  
1st Race:       Southern Bay look fit but
                                   Provocateura good type Each-way
2nd Race:     WAIKATO should Win Heart Of Gold for Place
3rd Race:      Caraway v/s Starista my vote goes to Caraway
4th Race:       NEARNESS OF YOU should Win

                                    Mountain Range for Place
5th Race:       Berlusconi Can Win next from Padmanabham

                                    either Balmoral Castle orTopaki
6th Race:       Current Ray may Win

                                    Ulitimate Fantasy next best Place certain
7th Race:       Allez Vite can Win Yamas may place in longer odds
8th Race:       Open Race Narco Master for upset
 1st Race:      Arabian Gold each-way
 2nd Race:    GOLD VENTURE
Should win Dancing Emeralds place
 3rd Race:    
Divine Touch may win place certain
 4th Race:    
Admiral may win Gun Salute go close
 5th Race:    
Preordained each-way Silicon Touch spell danger to all
 6th Race:    
Sirono v/s Carla
 7th Race:    
Gunpowder can win Formidable place
 8th Race:    
CASTRO should win and Dancerella for place
1st Race:   The Parliament each-way First Solar place
2nd Race:  Renukas Pride or Tico Tico
3rd Race:   Splended Show Alybro fight for crown
4th Race:   Vijaysiddanth v/s Arya
5th Race:   Bad Race
6th Race:   Queen Of Habashe each-way
7th Race:   Esperanza v/s Samsonite
8th Race:   Open Race
9th Race:   Secret Burden or Cherry Hill

    R. P. Upadhyay

    Its a free tips enjoy yourself This site is for those who really look for few good bets in racing and make money.. Horse racing is not gambling if you believe you have patience and wait to bet on the right horses. Disclaimer Selections,odds,comments and views given here are purely for Non commercial purposes.I do not encourage betting in any form. Important : Urge to recover your lost funds and greed to make extra money.


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Its a free tips enjoy yourself. This site is for those who really look for few good bets in racing and make money.. Horse racing is not gambling if you believe you have patience and wait to bet on the right horses. Disclaimer Selections, odds, comments and views given here are purely for Non commercial purposes. I do not encourage betting in any form.